10 Best Cell Phone Case For Drop Protection | A Comprehensive Guide

10 Best Cell Phone Case For Drop Protection | A Comprehensive Guide

Selecting the perfect cell phone case to avoid damage from unexpected drops and impacts can be a difficult proposition. 

Considering that there is plenty of choice out here and a lot to choose from, it can be difficult to discern which case really provides the best protection against drops.

This guide offers the need-to-know facts as well as some suggestions to help you find out how it works and decide if Orlando is for you.

We will cover different types of cases, materials and what to look for when buying a cell phone case that offers better drop protection.

Best Cell Phone Case For Drop Protection: Top 10 Picks

1. 1972 FA Cup Winners Tough Phone Case

The 1972 FA Cup Winners Tough Phone Case is not only a nostalgic tribute but also protection for your smartphone.

A must-have item for any Leeds United fan, this case was made to celebrate the club's momentous triumph.

The rigid outer shell is made out of high-impact, shock-absorbing materials that provide the most comprehensive protection against drops and other wear.

Features and Design:

  • Visual Appeal: The case prominently features iconic imagery from the 1972 FA Cup, making it a standout accessory for any Leeds fan.
  • Material Quality: Constructed from durable polycarbonate, the outer shell is resistant to impact and easy to grip, reducing the likelihood of drops.
  • Raised Edges: Protects the screen and camera from direct impacts on flat surfaces.

Protection Level: The dual-layer design of this case means that it offers great drop protection.

An outer rigid shell evenly disperses the force of impacts and a cushion inner layer cushions your phone from shock.

Compatibility: Remember to confirm that it fits your device by following the product link, as this case is intended for all iPhones (from iPhone 7) and Samsung Galaxy high-end models.

2. Bielsa I Feel Extremely Happy Tough Phone Case

Well for those who love Marcelo Bielsa and Leeds United, the Bielsa I Feel Extremely Happy Tough Phone Case gives you both that emotional tick as well as a tough phone case.

This case is a clever mix of style and serious protection, sporting a quote from the beloved coach.

Features and Design:

  • Visual Theme: The case features a stylized portrait of Marcelo Bielsa, paired with his inspirational quote, making it a personal statement piece.
  • Construction: The case utilizes a combination of hard polycarbonate back and flexible, shock-absorbing TPU sides, which offer enhanced grip and prevent slip-offs.
  • User-Friendly Design: It provides easy access to all ports and buttons without compromising on protection.

Protection Level: Featuring reinforced corners, the case is designed to protect from everyday accidents while raised edges around screen aid in resisting screen shatters and scratches.

Compatibility: Custom-made, for the latest iPhone and Android handsets.

Click on the website for exact model information to make sure they are a fit.

3. No One is Perfect, However Being a Leeds Fan is Close Enough Tough Phone Case

So goes an iPhone case that combines dry humour with skin-deep pride, tailored for fans of a club who have gone one way or another and remain at the forefront.

It has a sturdy construction and can protect your phone from any normal everyday abuse.

Features and Design:

  • Visual Appeal: The case features a witty saying that celebrates the spirit of Leeds United fans, making it a unique accessory.
  • Material Quality: Made with a hard polycarbonate outer shell that resists impacts, paired with a shock-absorbent TPU lining.
  • Design Details: Sleek and functional, the design ensures all phone buttons and ports are accessible without removing the case.

Protection Level:

  • Robust Construction: Has great drop protection with tough bumped edges that absorbs shock well.


  • Device Fit: Make sure to check the website for its compatibility with different versions of your iPhone and Android models!

4. Keep Calm and Love Leeds United Tough Phone Case

Containing the iconic 'Keep Calm' slogan, this case is ideal for Leeds United fans with style who need to keep their device protected.

Features and Design:

  • Visual Theme: Adopts the famous British wartime slogan tailored for Leeds United supporters.
  • Build Quality: Constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate and a rubbery TPU liner for extra shock absorption.
  • Ease of Use: Provides seamless access to all device ports and controls, while ensuring full protection.

Protection Level:

  • Comprehensive Shield: Fits snugly to prevent dust intrusion and provides two-layer protection against drops and bumps.


  • Model Range: Designed for a wide array of smartphones, including multiple generations of iPhones and leading Android devices.

5. Cartoon Bielsa The Godfather Tough Phone Case

A cool homage to Marcelo Bielsa, this phone case combines a little artistry with practicality by portraying the Argentinian as 'The Godfather' of Leeds United in animated form.

Features and Design:

  • Artistic Depiction: Features a unique cartoon illustration of Bielsa, appealing to fans of art and football alike.
  • Material Composition: Uses a hard shell for impact resistance and a soft lining for cushioning against drops.
  • Functional Details: Cutouts and button covers are meticulously designed to maintain ease of use.

Protection Level:

  • Sturdy and Reliable: The case is quite protective with an emphasis on corner and edge cushioning that's key for drop protection.


  • Available Models: Compatible with different smartphones, check on the product page for details of supported devices.

6. Viva Bielsa Tough Phone Case

True to the spirit of Bielsa, this phone case celebrates a coach who is both flamboyant and resilient with its 'Viva Bielsa' slogan over an initial image for which he became recognised.

Features and Design:

  • Iconic Slogan: Embellished with the 'Viva Bielsa' cheer, it’s a favourite among supporters.
  • Construction: Crafted from robust polycarbonate with a TPU layer for extra shock absorption.
  • Design Perks: The case is designed to enhance grip, reducing the chance of accidental drops.

Protection Level:

  • High Impact Resistance: Military Grade Protection that prevents Physical Impact damages to your device in case of a drop or Heavy bumps.


  • Specific Models:Fits Some iPhone and Samsung Devices, check Product Page for precise model details

7. Elland Road Tough Cases

These Elland Road Tough Cases celebrate the iconic home of Leeds United, this design is a must have for fans who hold the legacy of Edwin Wood brothers close to heart.

This combines meaningful cultural symbolism with a legitimately durable case for your phone.

Features and Design:

  • Visual Theme: Features imagery or design elements inspired by Elland Road, stirring nostalgia and pride in every Leeds supporter.
  • Material Quality: Constructed with a durable polycarbonate shell and a shock-absorbing inner layer.
  • Design Aspects: The case ensures that it doesn’t obstruct phone functionality, providing unimpeded access to all buttons and ports.

Protection Level:

  • Drop and Impact Protection: Lightweight, shock absorbent design with reinforced edges and corners.


  • Suitable Models: Check the product link for details on compatibility with various iPhone and Android models.

8. LUFC Blue Salute Tough Phone Case

The LUFC Blue Salute Tough Phone Case features a modern saluting design for Leeds United football club.

The ad sucks, but the stand seems like it could be great for people who want both style and some stiffness in their phone accessories.

Features and Design:

  • Colour Scheme: The case sports a vibrant blue design with the Leeds United logo, making it visually striking.
  • Build: Made from high-impact polycarbonate exterior and a soft, protective inner lining to cushion the device.
  • Usability: Designed to fit the phone snugly while allowing full access to all functionalities without hindrance.

Protection Level:

  • Enhanced Safety: Provides heavy duty protection for the screen from drops, scratches and daily wear.


  • Available for Multiple Devices: Designed to fit a broad range of devices, specific details available on the website.

9. LUFC Salute 1919 Yellow Tough Phone Case

This iconic yellow phone case that tells everyone around you what team it is (for many of us, just like the Leeds United football club's founding year) also offers premium quality protection for your valuable mobile.

Features and Design:

  • Bold Design: The bright yellow colour and the year '1919' celebrate the rich history of Leeds United.
  • Material Composition: Features a combination of rigid polycarbonate for the back and flexible, protective TPU for the sides.
  • Functional Attributes: Ensures all phone features are accessible, enhancing usability without compromising on protection.

Protection Level:

  • Superior Protection: Designed to handle severe impacts and prevent damage from falls and bumps.


  • Device Coverage: Extensive compatibility list available on the product page, accommodating a variety of phone models.

10. Marching On Together Tough Phone Case

Chanting from the terraces of Elland Road, it's an iconic spirit that Leeds United fans hold with pride and this is exactly what you'll get when improving your phone in style.

Features and Design:

  • Inspirational Slogan: Features the motivational 'Marching On Together' slogan, a rallying cry for Leeds fans.
  • Durability: Made with high-grade polycarbonate to resist impacts and a TPU lining for additional shock absorption.
  • Design Details: The case is precision-engineered to fit perfectly, ensuring protection while keeping the phone's features fully accessible.

Protection Level:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Provides top-tier protection from drops, with a focus on safeguarding the screen and edges.


  • Fit for Various Models: Specifically tailored for a range of smartphones, details of which are provided on the selling page.

Buying Guide

Types of Cases

For those in the market for a cell phone case with great drop protection, it helps to know what is out there.

Some of the most well-known types to consider are:

  1. Rugged Cases: These are designed for extreme durability and often feature a combination of hard polycarbonate shells and soft silicone or rubber interiors. They are bulkier but provide superb protection against heavy impacts.
  2. Slim Cases: For those who prefer a sleeker design, slim cases offer a decent level of drop protection while maintaining a more streamlined profile. These cases typically use advanced materials like TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) to absorb shocks.
  3. Wallet Cases: Combining functionality with protection, wallet cases include a front cover that shields the screen and can also store cards and cash. These cases usually use a combination of leather and hard plastic to safeguard your phone.
  4. Battery Cases: Besides drop protection, battery cases provide extra power for your device. They are usually bulkier and heavier but can be a great choice for those who need extended battery life.


What a cell phone case is made out of goes a long way in determining how resilient it will be against drops. Below are some materials to be aware of:

  1. Polycarbonate: Known for its toughness, polycarbonate is a common material in rugged cases. It offers rigid protection against high-impact drops.
  2. TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane): This flexible material is excellent for shock absorption and is often used in slim cases. It's durable yet provides a good grip.
  3. Silicone: While not as rigid as polycarbonate, silicone offers excellent shock absorption and is often used in the inner layers of multi-layer cases.
  4. Leather: Found in wallet cases, leather provides a combination of style and protection. While it may not offer the best impact resistance, it helps protect against minor bumps and scratches.

Features to Look For

When selecting a cell phone case for drop protection, consider these essential features:

  1. Raised Edges: Cases with raised edges around the screen and camera provide additional protection by preventing direct impact on these parts.
  2. Air Cushion Technology: Some cases come with extra layers or air cushion technology in the corners to better absorb shocks and impacts.
  3. Grip: A good case should have a textured surface or rubberized grip to minimize the chances of accidental drops.
  4. Military Grade Certification: Look for cases with military-grade drop test certifications, which ensures the case has been tested to withstand specific impact levels.

So now that you have the four types, materials and key features in mind it should make your choice to decide which best drop protection phone case needs somewhat easy.

Our Top 4 Picks

LUFC Salute 1919 Yellow Tough Phone Case
Be proud of your Leeds United heritage with the LUFC Salute 1919 Yellow Phone Case. The Bag Style case combines striking design and deserved protection, meaning loyal customers will be perfectly satisfied with their beloved devices.
Its hard polycarbonate back + TPU Sides offer your device maximum protection from scratches, dust and drops.
Marching On Together Tough Phone Case
The Marching On Together Tough Phone Case is the perfect way to show your support for Leeds United fans everywhere.
Not only does it give a tough, polycarbonate construction with TPU lining for amazing shock absorption, but the inspirational 'Marching On Together' slogan is enough to spur your emotions
Slim Cases
Not compromising style for protection, the slim case delivers a slimmer alternative without sacrificing on drop security.
Constructed with state-of-the-art TPU new material, the shock resistant design provides consumers both protection and functionality in our streamline cases that show off their own uniquely designed case.
Rugged Cases
Produced to last forever, durable covers are typically a combination of difficult polycarbonate coverings and gentle silicone as well as rubber insides.
They are designed to deliver excellent protection from severe drops, an ideal solution for anyone who requires very strong protection in tough environments.


Opting for the best cell phone case is a way to keep your device in good shape after spills.

Knowing the colours, materials and protection styles of each will allow you to choose a case that looks good while providing ultimate impact proofing.

Whether you are a passionate Leeds United fan and want to display your loyalty or simply look for durable cover, there is plenty of choice.

Now when you carry your phone, do so in peace due to the fact that with this case, it is finally Occupy Safe-Phone.

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